About Us

ADCOM is a leading provider of numerical analysis consulting services and simulation software in Israel.
Completely focused on simulation we offer extensive range of consulting experience. We work with leading companies in Israel and abroad in diverse industries such as:

  • Defense & Aerospace 

  • Consumer Products

  • High-Tech and Electronics

  • Energy

  • Transport & Mobility

  • More….

ADCOM is proud to be the Center of Simulation Excellence (CSE) of Dassault Systemes SIMULIA in Israel and provides technical support, training and on site mentoring services for its clients. Another Dassault Systemes software we sell in Israel is the DS BIOVIA Material Studio and Discovery Studio.

The founder and manager of ADCOM Consulting Services, Shmulik Keidar, draws on over a decade of experience in FEA and mechanical engineering. He founded ADCOM after working for Israel Military Industries (IMI) as an analyst. Prior to IMI he served as the technical manager of ANSYS in Israel and was responsible for technical support, training and consulting services.
Shmulik also worked as a tire analyst for Alliance, a tire manufacturer based in Israel.
He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University.


ADCOM Partnership Level in Dassault Systèmes: GOLD