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25Oct 2017

Until recently, designing lattice structures was a long, difficult process. Conventional design tools don’t allow enough flexibility, and conventional analysis & optimization methods have struggled to integrate well into engineering workflow. But with a new collaboration between Abaqus and nTopology, lattice design, analysis, and optimization is a seamless and repeatable process. TOPOLOGY Lattice design begins with topology—the locations […]

19Oct 2017

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing how production parts are being conceived and produced. A digital thread that connects, integrates and intuitively captures design, materials and manufacturing parameters is key for the production of functional parts. Additive manufacturing applications in 3DEXPERIENCE enable and accelerate the digital transformation by providing a single, unified environment for designers, manufacturing specialists and simulation […]

17Oct 2017

In my life I’ve had so many hobbies that it would be hard to count them. Skateboarding is definitely the one I remember the most and it is still my favorite sport. It has fascinated me so much that I wrote my Bachelor’s Thesis about it. In this thesis, I did a computer simulation of […]

05Oct 2017

The leaves on the trees are starting to change, meaning our days of sitting on the beach with a good book and drink in-hand are pretty much over. With that in mind, what better way to take advantage of the crisp autumn weather than by going “back to school” with a book that will boost your your entrepreneurial spirit. […]

03Oct 2017

Additive Manufacturing (AM) promises previously unknown design freedom and much greater flexibility than traditional manufacturing processes. A 3D printer is able to produce a desired component directly, eliminating the need for time-consuming preparatory work such as mold-making. Like any other manufacturing process, however, additive manufacturing also has its own particularities and fields of application. If […]

25Feb 2015

Imagine achieving better product designs faster and with less testing or doing a lot of manual work. That kind of workflow process and capability is now here. This complimentary, hands-on workshop will show you how easy geometry repair is and design exploration can be. Whether you are new to the field of engineering simulation or […]

25Feb 2015

SIMPACK User Meeting 2014 2014-12-08 SIMPACK 2014 customer User Meeting presentations and videos are now available for download. For specific presentations please choose the relevant industrial sector, and then select the User Meeting Presentations link. You’ll be able to find 39 new presentations from companies such as: Daimler AG – “Simulation Methods for NVH Development […]

12Feb 2015

CD-adapco™, the largest privately held CFD focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, has been pivotal in the design of the REBELLION R-One LM P1-L car. In 2013, REBELLION entered a partnership with ORECA Technology to design and build the REBELLION R-One, using Toyota engines. In just under one year, 363 days to be exact, […]

11Feb 2015

The Living Heart Project is uniting leading cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device developers, regulatory agencies, and practicing cardiologists on a shared mission to develop and validate highly accurate personalized digital human heart models. These models will establish a unified foundation for cardiovascular in silico medicine and serve as a common technology base for education and training, medical device design, testing, […]