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11Apr 2018

Dr. R. Byron Pipes, Purdue University Dassault Systèmes recently hosted a webinar, Additive Manufacturing Process and Performance Simulation of Composite Tools in an ongoing series called Innovation that Inspires.  Now available on demand, the webinar is a great showcase of our partnership with Purdue University’s Composites Manufacturing & Simulation Center (CMSC). Dr. R. Byron Pipes Executive Director of CMSC and the John L Bray […]

10Apr 2018

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?  Even though everyone is involved in the innovation process, many users are still disconnected within the enterprise and across the value creation process. This results in the need for expensive corrective action late in the development process. Simulation users struggle to understand what is happening in the enterprise because they […]

08Apr 2018

The high memory bandwidth and parallel processing abilities of GPU cards mean that GPU computing can provide significant simulation speed advantages over conventional CPU computing.  A series of comparative analyses were carried out to test the performance of NVIDIA’s Quadro GP100 and the brand new GV100 device, pictured below in Figure 1. These tests were performed […]

26Mar 2018

SIMULIA offers an advanced simulation product portfolio, including Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca, Simpoe-Mold, SIMPACK and more. Our e-Seminars are a great way to get training or to learn about new features and releases. We offer regularly scheduled public seminars, as well as training courses at customer sites. An extensive range of courses are available, ranging from basic introductions to advanced courses that cover […]

19Mar 2018

THE IDEA: A COMPACT SMART SENSOR FOR MONITORING AIR POLLUTION INCORPORATING FREEVOLT™ RF ENERGY HARVESTING Drayson Technologies is an Internet of Things platform company focused on developing digital health and environmental sensor networks that generate actionable insights to improve people’s lives and deliver value to business and government customers. CleanSpace is an IoT sensor network […]

18Mar 2018

We are seeing a change in mindset in industries: They are incorporating simulation earlier in the product development lifecycle. Recognizing this, SIMULIA is fashioning solutions focused on usability, ease and designers’ requirements for design validation. Industry-specific Vertical Applications created within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform make complex analyses easy for design engineers and help drive their product design. The vertical applications […]

14Mar 2018

Why does this question need to be answered?  Users contact SIMULIA technical support quite frequently near the GA release of each new extended products release, to ask about how to install the new software (for example, Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight, and/or Tosca). There are several confusing steps, where there aren’t instructions including what to do with the several *.tar files […]

12Mar 2018

CST and Luceda have been working in partnership since 2016 to make make layout, physical simulation and circuit simulation of optical components easily available within a single framework  Recently, we published a whitepaper that explores photonic circuit simulation using the automated link between IPKISS and CST STUDIO SUITE®. 3D electromagnetic field simulations are a very […]


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