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17Feb 2019

Challenge: Due to poor soil conditions and the rise of oil and gas extraction–related earthquakes in the Netherlands region, construction engineering firm Zonneveld ingenieurs needed a way to make buildings both earthquake-resistant and cost effective to build. Solution: By using Abaqus FEA from Dassault Systèmes’s brand, SIMULIA, and 4RealSim, Zonneveld was able to design a novel solution that prevents structural damage during these […]

10Feb 2019

The kind of week you had last week probably depends greatly on where you live, but if you were in any areas affected by the Polar Vortex of 2019, you probably had some challenges. If you drive a conventional gas-powered car, you may have had some trouble getting your vehicle started up in the subzero […]

04Feb 2019

5G is upon us, with the first smartphones supporting 5G expected on the market in 2019. The promise of higher speed for high data rate communication and lower latency for real-time interaction is alluring for users. This combination will not only provide for new video formats like 360 degree video (video traffic is expected to […]

28Jan 2019

Introduction From time to time, certain communications relating to 3DEXPERIENCE will reference the “FD” level of the software.  Here is an example, sent to cloud customers regarding a scheduled update: Ever wonder what this means? With V5, Dassault Systèmes software versioning has the format of <Release> <ServicePack> <Hotfix>.  An example might be, V5-62018 SP3 HF004.  It may not […]

13Jan 2019

The Innovative Technologies that will Influence the Future of Manufacturing. As the New Year approaches, it is customary to look ahead and think about what the next orbit around the sun might bring our way. In the world of supply chain, we can look forward to the continued build-out of key technologies and tools that […]

06Jan 2019

Engineers are using sophisticated models to clean plastic debris from oceans, optimize airflow in smog-filled cities, and make vehicles lighter and more efficient. This article was produced for Dassault Systèmes by Scientific American Custom Media, a division separate from the magazine’s board of editors. System 001 from The Ocean Cleanup is deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Credit: […]

19Dec 2018

Electromagnetic (EM) filters are used in many electronic systems, ranging from cellular base stations to radars for aerospace and defense. It is common knowledge that wireless systems always have some form of an antenna that sends/receives EM signals. But what is perhaps less known is that, behind any antenna, there is an electronic network where […]

17Dec 2018

The Simulation portfolio in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x brings a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to all users, and analysts in particular can leverage a suite of Roles to connect existing models, data, results, and simulation IP to the 3DEXPERIENCE for structures (Abaqus), fluids (XFlow), and electromagnetics (CST). Below is an overview of what’s new in the SIMULIA Established products […]

13Dec 2018

Florida-based lowboy trailer manufacturer Globe Trailers has set an ambitious goal to grow and diversify its product range to a point where the medium-sized company could expand internationally. Globe Trailers’ main asset is a strong and loyal customer base cultivated by its high-quality product offering. The company offers trailers that only need half the time […]


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