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16Oct 2018

Who are you and what is your role in the company? My name is Matthias Tröscher and I am a Business Development Executive focusing on electromagnetic applications in the Automotive Industry. Electronic systems are transforming the automotive experience.   What developments are you most excited about in your industry? The automotive industry is undergoing a […]

11Oct 2018

This blog article presents the work of two groups: one composed of Anaïs Farrenc and Eléa Gaudefroy on the study of the movement of crystals in magma, and one composed of Jean-Marie Vient studying the nest of Torquigener albomaculosus (or puffer fish) that has physical properties influencing the flow of the current. Hello Eléa, Anais […]

04Oct 2018

The huge increase of internet traffic wireless, fostered by video streaming, high-resolution cameras and the large number of connected portable devices—in addition to the need of operators assuring the best customer experience—has no other solution than the deployment of high density small cell networks, to serve less users for base station. The challenge is to […]

03Oct 2018

While Additive Manufacturing (AM) has opened up possibilities for product design that only a few years ago were not even contemplated, the industry is still struggling with unknowns: part distortions, residual stress, process repeatability, microstructure evolutions, surface finishing, etc. Along with opportunities, engineers also face challenges. It is here that Dassault Systèmes realized the industry gaps to […]

02Oct 2018

Who are you and what is your role at SIMULIA? My name is Marc Rütschlin, and I work as a Senior Portfolio Technical Specialist, focusing on Microwave & Radio Frequency (RF) applications, including antennas. What this means practically is that I work on developing new streamlined workflow solutions for antenna engineers so that they can […]

20Sep 2018

There’s a lot of noise going on out there in space as men and machines send electronic messages back and forth across the void. To enable everyone to hear each other better, radio-frequency (RF) waveguide filters have been key technologies for communications since the earliest days of the Space Age. Although the sky is crammed […]

20Sep 2018

‘Project of the Year’ is an annual contest held by Dassault Systèmes where students from around the world are invited to submit projects created with Dassault Systèmes products and software.  Winners are chosen by votes from Facebook users and an overall winner is chosen by a jury at Dassault Systèmes headquarters. This interview with SIMULIA runner-up, Jasmin Honegger, was […]

02Sep 2018

“All wireless communication requires antenna systems, and if we add devices supporting multimedia to the list above such as keyless entry, radio and personal communication, there are dozens of antennas on a single vehicle,” says Thoma. Every antenna individually has to fulfill its specifications, but it is not sufficient to do so in isolation. It […]

28Aug 2018

Please describe why you chose this topic for your project.  The gearbox is a complicated assembly, which means that a string of technical challenges needs to be addressed. Formula Student is a competition but above all it is a platform for students to learn, and to learn as much as possible about a complicated system […]


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