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16Aug 2018

Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) Solder Joint is a common electronic packaging connection widely used in the High-Tech, Transportation & Mobility, and Aerospace & Defense industries. You can find electronic devices with BGA connections everywhere – from small gadgets like phones and watches to large vehicles and airplanes. These tiny solder balls actually play an important role in vehicle safety. According […]

12Aug 2018

Eight-year-old Hailey Dawson has made waves in the world of Major League Baseball (MLB), thanks to the work of her new prosthetic 3D-printed hand. According to Sports Illustrated, Dawson was born with a birth defect where she’s missing three fingers on her throwing hand – a condition known as Poland Syndrome. The prosthetic hand was engineered […]

08Aug 2018

As the Internet of Things (IoT) establishes itself, more and more connected devices are finding their way into the modern home. The “connections” are of course wireless and antennas are the key enabling technology that provides that wireless connectivity. This article will use the example of a smart projector (Figure 1) to talk about the […]

25Jul 2018

  In a new series, we are featuring our partners and the work they do with us in the simulation field.  Our first featured partner, VIAS, discusses how they use Abaqus and their own virtual design and data analytics capabilities to provide solutions for various problems throughout the lifecycle of a project, in particular with stents and medical […]

22Jul 2018

Source: Barbie Twitter Here at Dassault Systèmes, a lot of our work has focused on gender parity, particularly in STEM education. Our extended use of LEGO MINDSTORMS for 3D modeling, manufacturing, systems engineering, and simulation not only encourages collaborative work but also aims to pique interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) from all students. Which […]

12Jul 2018

Whether it’s the latest driver-assist technology, the most comfortable cabin, or the best fuel economy, consumers crave the experience vehicles can offer as much as their practicality, style and value. Recent trends in electrification and automation heighten the competition among OEMs, who must advance these new technologies faster than the competition – and with the […]

08Jul 2018

Heralded by many as the next great advancement for printed circuitry, flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) are becoming increasingly widespread. By printing electronic circuits that can be bent, twisted and stretched, devices can be made smaller, lighter and more versatile. The challenges of FHE design are both mechanical and electromagnetic. The materials that go into a […]

03Jul 2018

Antennas are crucial parts of any connected device, from phones to medical implants. With so many different use cases and frequencies, there is a bewildering range of antenna types all suited to various applications. For example, a Bluetooth earpiece requires an antenna is small, cheap, and omnidirectional, while a spacecraft may require a high-power, high-gain […]

28Jun 2018

On average, a commercial airliner will be struck by lightning around once a year [1]. A bolt of lightning carries thousands of amps of electric current and millions of joules of energy, and the aircraft needs to bear this without suffering either damage to its fuselage or interference to on-board electronic systems. Traditionally, aircraft were […]


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