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17Jun 2018

Demand for fuel-efficient trucks has never been higher in our current climate of sustainability and spend reduction. Since aerodynamic truck design has a critical impact on fuel efficiency, it’s vitally important that truck designers focus on aerodynamics to boost environmental-friendliness and lower operational costs. A lot has been discussed in the media recently about the next generation […]

14Jun 2018

Designing a Compact Ridged Waveguide Filter Multi-mode cavity filters offer high power handling and good performance as a compact device. Such filters are complex and sensitive to changes in the structure, meaning that their design can be time-consuming or even impossible with conventional methods. This article shows how the CST® filter synthesis tool Filter Designer […]

07Jun 2018

Mechanical Analyst uses advanced finite element simulation techniques to understand and validate complex engineering problems. With an extensive toolset to enhance productivity and efficiency, Mechanical Analyst is equipped to conduct structural static, dynamic, and thermal simulation of product designs and assemblies within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Fully integrated with both the environment and with the geometry, Mechanical […]

27May 2018

The SIMULIA Learning Community is the place to find the latest resources for SIMULIAsoftware and to collaborate with other users. The key that unlocks the door of innovative thinking and knowledge building, the SIMULIA Learning Community provides you with the tools you need to expand your knowledge, whenever and wherever.  Check out the latest posts from the community below.  […]

24May 2018

Anyone who still considers the idea of point-to-point, on-demand air taxis too futuristic to merit serious thought may want to rethink such a notion. A market for urban air transportation is emerging—effectively airborne versions of Uber and Lyft—and it is probably closer than most people realize. Proof-of-concepts of air vehicle designs, batteries, autonomous systems, and […]

06May 2018

We are in the Age of EVs. Why should we still care about ICE? With the rapid rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs), everybody is talking about BEV now, and even HEV and PHEV seem like yesterday’s news. You may wonder why we are still talking about ICE. The reality is there will still be a few […]

03May 2018

When we think of robots, we often think of manufacturing. After all, machines have taken over numerous jobs that humans used to do by hand—from assembling cars to loading trucks and packing boxes. But as today’s artificial intelligence continues to expand—even, in some cases, adopting the emotional characteristics of human beings—the potential for the use […]

01May 2018

CST recently published a new whitepaper about simulating special optical materials in integrated components with CST STUDIO SUITE®. For many optical applications, materials are needed with anisotropic or nonlinear properties. Two important examples of such properties are birefringence and dichroism. Such materials exhibit different refractive indices and attenuation for orthogonal optical polarization states. They are used to […]


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