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21Feb 2018

Multiscale Systems Specialist is a Role for specialists who collaboratively create, execute, explore & manage co-simulation experiments and associated artifacts involving multiple physics over multiple scales across a wide range of experimental intent. HIGHLIGHTS • Easy-to-use user experience with drag-and-drop options • Best-in-Class Multiphysics, Multiscale technology leveraging the Dassault Systèmesecosystem • Open environment for system/subsystem/multiscale simulations […]

18Feb 2018

Digital Orthopaedics is developing cloud-enabled modeling and simulation tools for foot surgeons and their patients The résumés of surgeons Bruno Ferré and Thibaut Leemrijse demonstrate an impressive mastery of orthopedic surgery focused on the highly complex foot and ankle. Their extensive research and academic credentials, in their native France and Belgium as well as internationally, clearly […]

11Feb 2018

Realistic Simulation is becoming an increasingly integral part of the product development process and companies are realizing the advantages of performing simulation throughout the development process as opposed to simply validating their final design with simulation. As the need for realistic simulation continues to increase, companies often find themselves with insufficient software licenses when there […]

07Feb 2018

Corporate Knights just announced their list of the World’s Most Sustainable Corporations and we are proud to share that Dassault Systèmes ranks at the top of their list. Calling us “a major force in sustainable innovation” the report cited the impact that our digital technologies have had in helping companies and governments adopt renewables, experiment with various forms of sustainable […]

28Jan 2018

ast delivery and fulfillment is important to customers, but it means nothing if orders arrive damaged. Let’s face it, it costs money for customer service reps to process angry calls from customers and now they’re experiencing the frustration and anxiety of needing to return a product. Product returns are a customer experience nightmare, costing time/money […]

25Jan 2018

“Why don’t my simulation results agree with the measurement?” This is the question I sometimes heard from our customers and which inspired us to start CST Lab, which is a project that promotes the combination of simulation and measurement to fix the perennial problem of mismatched results. CST Lab was officially started two years ago, […]


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