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15Jun 2020

Reference IPE: Brake System Engineering A couple of years ago, I was driving through the mountains from Srinagar to Leh in northern India. On this highway, there are particular patches of mountain passes that are steep and wind with sharp turns. In a virtual scenario, I was in my DS Bleucar along with a friend. […]

03Jun 2020

A bird strike is classified as a high-velocity soft body impact because the stresses, which are generated in the contact region, are significantly greater than the strength of the bird but lower than the strength of the impacted structure. High deformability of the impactor (bird) causes spreading of the impact load over a certain area […]

27May 2020

Brake System Engineering Helps with Brake Squeal Picture this: It’s midnight and your six month old daughter is not in the mood to sleep. She does what she does best when not sleeping—she cries! You decide to take her for a ride in your car. It’s really quiet and peaceful outside and within a few […]

21May 2020

With such a large number of manufacturers and models in the automotive industry, consumers have plenty of options, which presents a challenge for OEMs as they struggle to meet the demands of increasingly picky customers. Adding to this challenge is the fact that regulatory requirements are becoming stricter and the consequences for noncompliance more severe. […]

20May 2020

Challenge: Eviation Aircraft wanted to design and build an allelectric airplane for mid-range (commuter) distances that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly by collaborating with globally dispersed stakeholders on an aggressive time schedule. Solution: The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud, including integrated applications for creative design and simulation of aerodynamic behavior. Benefits: • Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders disseminated all […]

19May 2020

Join the SIMULIA Learning Community Become part of a global user community focused on advancing the use of SIMULIA simulation solutions in science and engineering. Interested in simulation of structures, fluids or electromagnetic fields? The SIMULIA Learning Community is the place to be. Discuss with your peers about simulation, find the latest resources on SIMULIA simulation […]

14May 2020

While simulation has been in use in some industries for a long time, other fields, such as industrial, construction and agricultural machinery, have only begun to utilize it. These industries have, however, found important uses for the technology, particularly in the area of engine cooling. In contrast to automobiles, these slow moving and stationary machinery […]

09May 2020

Cabin Comfort Problem Statement: Here’s a familiar scenario: You’re planning to buy a new car and recently have been doing a survey of several car models. You wonder how your new car will be, what will it look like, will it fit into your budget? You also have a huge wish list. One of the […]

30Apr 2020

Vehicle Dynamics While in Detroit last year, I was looking at the large number of cars on the road and I started wondering how much an average person drives his or her car throughout the year. When I checked online for some facts, I found out that an average American drives around 13,000 miles per […]


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