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15Aug 2019

“Economy” is a popular term. The economy and its fluctuations affect everyone, but we are beginning to see a shift from a traditional linear economy, where goods are created, used, and discarded, to what is known as a circular economy, where goods and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, sometimes in […]

15Aug 2019

5G technology is starting to appear in a few cities and on a few consumer devices, and the phrase itself is stirring up excitement across consumers and industries. It’s also generating some popular concerns around safety issues. What exactly is 5G and how and where will it impact our daily lives? Most people understand that […]

11Jul 2019

A bird strike is classified as a high-velocity soft body impact because the stresses, which are generated in the contact region, are significantly greater than the strength of the bird but lower than the strength of the impacted structure. High deformability of the impactor (bird) causes spreading of the impact load over a certain area […]

19Jun 2019

3DEXPERIENCE for Requirements Driven Design of Safe, Quiet, and Efficient eVTOL Aircraft With our global population growing as quickly as urban centers, traffic congestion will be an even bigger issue in the coming years. The solution for covering ground… is up in the air. Urban Air Mobility is the future of transportation, and with low […]

08May 2019

If you’ve ever driven or ridden in a vehicle or visited any populated area, you will have experienced traffic congestion. The number of vehicles and drivers on the road is extremely high, and the bad news for stressed-out drivers is that this number is only expected to get higher in the coming years. In fact, […]

10Apr 2019

Do no harm. Medicine’s first principle is absolutely put to the test during the new product development and innovation cycle for “high-risk” medical devices such as implants. While research and product development teams want to investigate and prove out every concept and potential outcome, they need to reduce the chance of unanticipated negative effects.  What […]

20Mar 2019

There is plenty of talk about autonomous vehicles being the future of transportation, but how many people expect to be driving them (or not driving them) during their lifetime? Autonomous vehicle technology can be intimidating to think about – will we really trust our cars to drive themselves? Like any new technology, vehicle autonomy will […]


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