17Jun 2024

Transmitting high-bandwidth data between transmitter and receiver over a single twisted pair (STP) requires additional ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection components at transmitter and receiver sides. These protection components are mounted on the printed circuit board (PCB). With a data rate of 6 Gbps, the design of the PCB transmission line has to consider the ESD […]

09Jun 2024

This blog is a comprehensive exploration of the process of debugging models in Abaqus/Standard, with a specific focus on resolving convergence issues. It provides a detailed comparison between Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, using iterative methods and strategies, highlighting the importance of understanding model features, adopting systematic approaches, and maintaining perseverance in the face of issues By […]

30May 2024

In the evolving landscape of systems engineering, a spotlight is cast on the innovative practices of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Specialized firms like Samares Engineering, with a decade-long legacy, lead the charge in adopting MBSE to address the industry’s multifaceted challenges By Garima DHASMANA In the evolving landscape of systems engineering, a spotlight is cast […]

16May 2024

This blog discusses gasket simulation in Abaqus/Standard, focusing on real-world applications. Gaskets provide cost-effective seals between mating surfaces and have applications across various industries By Randy Marlow What is a Gasket? The primary uses of a gasket are to provide a robust seal between two flanges, to endure thermal and mechanical loading, to resist exposure […]

09May 2024

Consumers shopping for home products notice the common home products shifting to “smart” products. It has taken some time, but everyday consumer products now use technology from the aerospace and industrial sectors By Ellen Mondro How do manufacturers navigate the complexity of adding integrated sensors, smart chips, networking capability and software to create innovative, reliable […]

09May 2024

Please welcome guest blogger, Yadhukrishnan MK, of Continental AG as he talks about radar simulation in advanced driver assistance systems By Sophia Eschenfelder Advanced driver assistance systems in automobiles utilize various technologies, such as cameras, lidar, and radar, to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. Among these technologies, radar plays a crucial role in […]

08Apr 2024

We talk to French automobile company, Peugeot to learn the difference between F1 racing vehicles and the hypercar and how simulation and virtual testing will impact the future of high-speed racing. By Katie Corey Tell us the difference between a hypercar and a standard F1 racing car. The hypercar is designed for endurance racing, unlike […]