17Jun 2024

Transmitting high-bandwidth data between transmitter and receiver over a single twisted pair (STP) requires additional ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection components at transmitter and receiver sides. These protection components are mounted on the printed circuit board (PCB). With a data rate of 6 Gbps, the design of the PCB transmission line has to consider the ESD […]

09May 2024

Please welcome guest blogger, Yadhukrishnan MK, of Continental AG as he talks about radar simulation in advanced driver assistance systems By Sophia Eschenfelder Advanced driver assistance systems in automobiles utilize various technologies, such as cameras, lidar, and radar, to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. Among these technologies, radar plays a crucial role in […]

24Mar 2024

SIMULIA is proud to work with engineering leaders and academics as they leverage simulation capabilities to help shape the future of their industry. At the 2023 SIMULIA Americas Users Conference, we had the opportunity to interview Mark Zakhem of Inovonics and discuss how he uses simulation to create custom-printed antennae. By Katie Corey In an […]

13Mar 2024

How are your engineers managing increasing product complexity? Staying Competitive Has Led to Increased Complexity Competition is fierce for today’s manufacturers as they seek to win market share from both traditional competitors and emerging start-ups, often at a global level. Consequently, product engineering and innovation play a crucial role in competitive differentiation. Innovation opportunities range […]

29Feb 2024

SIMULIA is delighted to work with engineering leaders and academics as they leverage simulation capabilities to help shape the future of their industry. Today, we are proud to introduce Scott Piper, electromagnetics engineer in the automotive industry and 2023 SIMULIA Champion, to talk about how he uses simulation to address the unique challenges of electromagnetic […]

26Feb 2024

By Katie Corey In the following interview, we talk to Karl D’Souza, SIMULIA Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry Process Director. He reviews the development challenges facing the medical device industry and discusses how using unified Modeling and Simulation helps reduce reliance on bench, animal and human testing. In his current role, Karl is responsible for […]

05Feb 2024

Litz wires help reduce losses due to skin and proximity effects at higher frequencies up to the MHz range. Litz conductors are made of multiple strands of insulated copper wire woven/twisted together. We are presenting a new CST Studio Suite feature to model and simulate litz wires accurately. By Bilquis Mohamodhosen Introduction The use of […]

11Dec 2023

In this article, we demonstrate how simulation with CST Studio Suite® can help improve emission performance of products. We analyze the coupling between signal traces on a printed circuit board (PCB) and the reference plane as it is commonly the result of interest in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements. The presented results are discussed for conducted […]

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