09Jun 2024

This blog is a comprehensive exploration of the process of debugging models in Abaqus/Standard, with a specific focus on resolving convergence issues. It provides a detailed comparison between Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, using iterative methods and strategies, highlighting the importance of understanding model features, adopting systematic approaches, and maintaining perseverance in the face of issues By […]

16May 2024

This blog discusses gasket simulation in Abaqus/Standard, focusing on real-world applications. Gaskets provide cost-effective seals between mating surfaces and have applications across various industries By Randy Marlow What is a Gasket? The primary uses of a gasket are to provide a robust seal between two flanges, to endure thermal and mechanical loading, to resist exposure […]

08Apr 2024

We talk to French automobile company, Peugeot to learn the difference between F1 racing vehicles and the hypercar and how simulation and virtual testing will impact the future of high-speed racing. By Katie Corey Tell us the difference between a hypercar and a standard F1 racing car. The hypercar is designed for endurance racing, unlike […]

01Apr 2024

By leveraging wind propulsion-assisted technologies, the maritime industry can address environmental challenges, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future for global shipping. By Katie Corey Intro In response to the growing need for reduced energy consumption and the imperative to minimize carbon emissions, there has been a surge in the development of […]

28Mar 2024

In the dynamic field of aerospace engineering, the integration of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and simulation within Airbus Operations SAS is explored through the lens of the Zero-E program, which aims to revolutionize the industry with zero-emission aviation. By Garima DHASMANA n the dynamic field of aerospace engineering, the integration of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) […]

17Mar 2024

Learn more about the new hybrid simulation method introduced in SIMULIA PowerFLOW that is specially designed for the transonic region By Stephen Jorgenson-Murray Why Does Transonic Flow Require Special Simulation Techniques? In fluid dynamics, the speed of sound in a medium is one of the most important parameters. The speed of sound, Mach 1, marks […]

13Mar 2024

How are your engineers managing increasing product complexity? Staying Competitive Has Led to Increased Complexity Competition is fierce for today’s manufacturers as they seek to win market share from both traditional competitors and emerging start-ups, often at a global level. Consequently, product engineering and innovation play a crucial role in competitive differentiation. Innovation opportunities range […]