Discover Better Designs, Faster


Imagine achieving better product designs faster and with less testing or doing a lot of manual work. That kind of workflow process and capability is now here. This complimentary, hands-on workshop will show you how easy geometry repair is and design exploration can be.

Whether you are new to the field of engineering simulation or experienced in computer-aided design, this session will bring helpful insight into how simulation adds more value to your projects.

This event will show attendees the benefits of taking CAD directly into CAE simulation without laborious, manual CAD repair. This assures a faster automated route from CAD to simulation solution.

Demonstrations will highlight a complete workflow from automated meshing to our unique optimization algorithms which enable CAE engineers to perform multiple simulations seamlessly for robust design exploration and critical optimization studies.

This workshop will feature the topics of:
  • Implementing an automated workflow from CAD-to-Solution to increase simulation productivity
  • Turning manual product design iterations into a robust Multidisciplinary Design Exploration process with Optimate+™
  • Executing seamless multiple CAE tool interoperabilities with a unique optimization workflow platform using HEEDS
  • Minimizing hardware resource demands and reduce software costs with innovative licensing options.