Noise and vibration analysis is becoming increasingly important in virtually every industry. The need to reduce noise and vibration is increasing due to government environmental legislation, new lightweight materials and constructions, detectability, fatigue, consumer expectations and competitive pressures.

Regardless of the application, you need a way to characterize the complex sources acting on your systems (including complex unsteady flow sources). You also need a way to diagnose and rank the various transmission paths of noise through the system. And you need accurate models of the frequency dependent dissipation and isolation that arises from poroelastic noise control treatments and structural isolators. Check out the variety of Industry Applications that can be simulated with Wave6.

Wave6 provides unique Analysis Methods for efficiently and accurately simulating noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range. These methods are integrated into a single common engine and controlled by a single license. This enables you to combine methods in the same model and efficiently analyze noise and vibration problems in ways that are simply not possible in other software packages. By integrating Wave6 into your design process you can ensure noise and vibration performance is built into your product at the design stage, which reduces the risk of discovering expensive noise and vibration problems during the physical prototyping process.

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