How to Address the New Revolution in the Aerospace Industry

3DEXPERIENCE for Requirements Driven Design of Safe, Quiet, and Efficient eVTOL Aircraft

With our global population growing as quickly as urban centers, traffic congestion will be an even bigger issue in the coming years. The solution for covering ground… is up in the air. Urban Air Mobility is the future of transportation, and with low emissions and the potential for lower noise, the electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle, or eVTOL, is most efficient and environmentally sound choice.


Watch Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) | Urban Air Mobility | SIMULIA Simulation Solutions Video:

While many companies have started work on the eVTOL vehicle, no one has taken the lead in this market, yet. Because of this, the first company to come to market successfully will have a significant advantage in publicity, investment, and name recognition.

However, this groundbreaking vehicle comes with some enormous challenges, including noise concerns, battery limitations, safety, and air traffic management. With 40 years experience developing technology for aerospace, Dassault Systemes is perfectly suited to help eVTOL manufacturers solve all of these issues as they work to Reinvent the Sky.


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This SIMULIA Community News magazine include:

Welcome Letter

  • David Holman, Vice President R&D, SIMULIA Brand Leader

Product Update

  • R2019X: End-to-End Support for Your Unique Industry Processes

Future Outlook

  • Taking Urban Traffic to the Skies


  • Airbus and Dassault Systèmes Embark on a Strategic Partnership to Create the European Aerospace Industry of Tomorrow

 Case Study

  • XSun: Chasing the Sun on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Industry Highlight

  • Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance
  • Aircraft Community Noise
  • Aircraft Communication & Detection System Performance
  • Subsystem Level Structural Validation
  • Multi-Disciplinary Trade-off Analysis

Academic Case Study

  • Analyzing and Testing Unmanned Aerial Systems without a Physical Prototype

Improve Program Execution with Simulation

  • Simulate Across the Entire Program Lifecycle

Partner Highlight

  • Quest Integrity: Assessing Cracks: Will it Break?

Tech Tip

  • A Strategy for Bird Strike Simulations Using Abaqus/Explicit



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