Lattice Optimization and Process Simulation of a Turbine Blade – Watch On Demand

Additive manufacturing offers the ability to build lightweight components designed through topology optimization, incorporating lattice structures to provide conformal cooling.

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Lattice structures are being used for internal support, reducing the amount of material or improving the strength-to-weight ratio. Medical implants, automotive and aerospace and defense components are a few major applications which have directly benefitted from lattice structures.

In this e-seminar, we show how to further improve the efficiency of lattice structures using the example of a turbine blade geometry. We will show the process of lattice generation in Abaqus, the application of appropriate in-service loading conditions, the import of the optimized result into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and finally perform a thermal-mechanical process simulation.


  • Internal structure lattice generation
  • In-service load lattice optimization
  • Process planning and virtual printing
  • Support structure design in AM

Who should attend?

Engineers, team leaders and managers who are exploring additive manufacturing in their organization, Organizations with an interest in different stages involved in AM like developing, designing and manufacturing products, Additive Manufacturing Product Design Engineers, Additive Manufacturing (AM) specialists

Presented by:

  • Akshay NARASIMHAN | Senior Industry Solutions Manager SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes