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13Dec 2018

Florida-based lowboy trailer manufacturer Globe Trailers has set an ambitious goal to grow and diversify its product range to a point where the medium-sized company could expand internationally. Globe Trailers’ main asset is a strong and loyal customer base cultivated by its high-quality product offering. The company offers trailers that only need half the time […]

03Dec 2018

End-to-end Support for Your Unique Industry Processes SIMULIA is excited to announce the release of the R2019X portfolio, with a focus on the applicability, efficiency and scalability of our digital physics offerings.  This release also includes new ways in which all of our products are working more closely together, delivering the highest level of coordinated enhancements for […]

19Nov 2018

Commercial airliners are struck by lightning on average once a year. The aircraft body needs to be able to resist the high temperatures associated with the strike, while the onboard electronics need to be immune to the high currents and fields. The rise of lightweight composite materials such as carbon fiber in place of metals […]

12Nov 2018

Ever heard the expression, “runs like a well-oiled machine?” For many large companies to be successful they must find a way to effectively and efficiently coordinate different teams and their goals, operating with minimal problems.  And anyone who has ever worked at a large corporation will tell you that individual departments have to work together […]

07Nov 2018

This is another blog post in a new series where we talk to SIMULIA employees about current projects they are working on and developments they see in the simulation world. Recently, we talked to Frank Scharf, a Technical Sales Director at SIMULIA, about the rise of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) in the optical market and how simulation […]

05Nov 2018

Please describe why you chose this topic for your project. Why does this workflow need to be analyzed?  So often, problems like these (subchondral bone cysts) are ignored by industry largely because they have their resources tied up in other projects that may be more lucrative or beneficial to the company. However, these problems plague […]

22Oct 2018

As this issue of SIMULIA Community News aptly demonstrates, the electric vehicle (EV) is evolving toward an increasingly greater role in human mobility. While the internal combustion engine (ICE) is not going to disappear any time soon, awareness of its impact on the environment—particularly as populations rise and cities expand—is now global. In response, the EV market […]

16Oct 2018

Who are you and what is your role in the company? My name is Matthias Tröscher and I am a Business Development Executive focusing on electromagnetic applications in the Automotive Industry. Electronic systems are transforming the automotive experience.   What developments are you most excited about in your industry? The automotive industry is undergoing a […]

11Oct 2018

This blog article presents the work of two groups: one composed of Anaïs Farrenc and Eléa Gaudefroy on the study of the movement of crystals in magma, and one composed of Jean-Marie Vient studying the nest of Torquigener albomaculosus (or puffer fish) that has physical properties influencing the flow of the current. Hello Eléa, Anais […]