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19Jun 2019

Click  to download the PDF version: SIMULATION FOR URBAN AIR MOBILITY This SIMULIA Community News magazine include: Welcome Letter David Holman, Vice President R&D, SIMULIA Brand Leader Product Update R2019X: End-to-End Support for Your Unique Industry Processes Future Outlook Taking Urban Traffic to the Skies  News Airbus and Dassault Systèmes Embark on a Strategic Partnership to Create the European […]

08May 2019

If you’ve ever driven or ridden in a vehicle or visited any populated area, you will have experienced traffic congestion. The number of vehicles and drivers on the road is extremely high, and the bad news for stressed-out drivers is that this number is only expected to get higher in the coming years. In fact, […]

10Apr 2019

Do no harm. Medicine’s first principle is absolutely put to the test during the new product development and innovation cycle for “high-risk” medical devices such as implants. While research and product development teams want to investigate and prove out every concept and potential outcome, they need to reduce the chance of unanticipated negative effects.  What […]

20Mar 2019

There is plenty of talk about autonomous vehicles being the future of transportation, but how many people expect to be driving them (or not driving them) during their lifetime? Autonomous vehicle technology can be intimidating to think about – will we really trust our cars to drive themselves? Like any new technology, vehicle autonomy will […]

03Mar 2019

High Performance Computing (HPC) is used for a wide array of demanding corporate computing tasks, including simulation, deep learning and more. Traditionally, corporations were required to install computers and software for their every computing requirement, which demanded a great deal of resources: housing, dedicated power and cooling, switches, UPS, firewalls, fire protection, cabling, racks and […]

17Feb 2019

Challenge: Due to poor soil conditions and the rise of oil and gas extraction–related earthquakes in the Netherlands region, construction engineering firm Zonneveld ingenieurs needed a way to make buildings both earthquake-resistant and cost effective to build. Solution: By using Abaqus FEA from Dassault Systèmes’s brand, SIMULIA, and 4RealSim, Zonneveld was able to design a novel solution that prevents structural damage during these […]

10Feb 2019

The kind of week you had last week probably depends greatly on where you live, but if you were in any areas affected by the Polar Vortex of 2019, you probably had some challenges. If you drive a conventional gas-powered car, you may have had some trouble getting your vehicle started up in the subzero […]

04Feb 2019

5G is upon us, with the first smartphones supporting 5G expected on the market in 2019. The promise of higher speed for high data rate communication and lower latency for real-time interaction is alluring for users. This combination will not only provide for new video formats like 360 degree video (video traffic is expected to […]

28Jan 2019

Introduction From time to time, certain communications relating to 3DEXPERIENCE will reference the “FD” level of the software.  Here is an example, sent to cloud customers regarding a scheduled update: Ever wonder what this means? With V5, Dassault Systèmes software versioning has the format of <Release> <ServicePack> <Hotfix>.  An example might be, V5-62018 SP3 HF004.  It may not […]

13Jan 2019

The Innovative Technologies that will Influence the Future of Manufacturing. As the New Year approaches, it is customary to look ahead and think about what the next orbit around the sun might bring our way. In the world of supply chain, we can look forward to the continued build-out of key technologies and tools that […]