Drivetrain Simulation & Wind Turbine

Already in the late 90’s, Simpack was being used by German universities for detailed Multibody Simulation (MBS) of wind turbine drivetrains.  2005 saw Simpack’s first commercial wind customer, a certification body that required customers to deliver a more in-depth analysis of their drivetrains. Since then, Simpack has been customer driven to extend the dynamic analyses of wind turbines beyond purely mechanical models to include multi-disciplinary components, such as aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and control.

Today, manufacturers of wind turbines (onshore and offshore, direct drive and geared) and drivetrains around the world use Simpack to fulfill all of their MBS requirements. This includes thousands of Design Load Cases (DLCs) with low fidelity models for initial designs (part of the certification requirement), through to component and tonality optimization of mature designs with high fidelity models. With the global offshore wind market predicted to grow six fold by 2030, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, this exciting industry will remain interesting and challenging for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative field, please join us at the 4th Wind and Drivetrain Conference (April 19, Hamburg), SIMULIA’s only event dedicated entirely to the simulation of wind turbines and drivetrains. This one day event will focus not only on Simpack, but also show how many software tools within Dassault Systèmes are advancing the design, development, and optimization of wind turbines and drivetrains. Learn first-hand from users how simulation is benefiting their businesses.



For more information about the event, visit: 4th Wind and Drivetrain Conference.

For presentations from past events: visit, “Wind and Drivetrain Conferences.

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