Efficient Design Layout and Simulation of Integrated Photonic Circuits

CST and Luceda have been working in partnership since 2016 to make make layout, physical simulation and circuit simulation of optical components easily available within a single framework  Recently, we published a whitepaper that explores photonic circuit simulation using the automated link between IPKISS and CST STUDIO SUITE®.

3D electromagnetic field simulations are a very important aspect of integrated photonics design, describing component behavior when validated models obtained through measurements are unavailable or unreliable. In practice, designers often have to consult a range of sources and people to get their simulation configured properly. As those sources are continuously updated, ensuring that the EM simulations are consistently correct is mostly an organizational challenge. Pressed by tape-out deadlines, design teams often have to manually regenerate their models for every slight change of the component or process. The automated link between IPKISS and CST STUDIO SUITE® gives photonic circuit designers direct access to FDTD or FEM generated circuit models using the validated simulation settings set by device engineers. This ensures that models used by circuit designers can easily be regenerated with validated CST STUDIO SUITE simulation settings. This way, IPKISS keeps models up to date as the component layout, fabrication processes, operating conditions and material models evolve from design to design. In this paper, the IPKISS-CST STUDIO SUITE link is introduced and its use is exemplified in a design of a glucose sensor.