CST Basic Course – April 15-16, 2024

Date: 15/04/2024
Location: Tel-Aviv, Adcom's Offices
Language: Hebrew

Course objectives

2 days basic course 

Course objectives – Throughout this course you will become familiar with the CST STUDIO SUITE interface and how to perform basic functions in terms of modeling, setup of simulation, and analyzing pre-/post-processing results. This class will also briefly discuss the various high frequency solvers available in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the FIT and FEM algorithms.

Who is it for:

Electromagnetic Simulation Analysts

Prerequisites: Open to all
Lesson 1
Subject: Introduction & Built-in Help
Lesson 2
Subject: Basic & Advanced Modeling Techniques
Lesson 3
Subject: CST MICROWAVE STUDIO Solver Overview
Workshop 1
Subject: Coax Connector
Lesson 4
Subject: Simulation and Project Settings: Ports, Materials & Boundary Conditions
Lesson 5
Subject: High Performance Computing
Workshop 2
Subject: Power Splitter OR Workshop 3 PCB Boardlevel EMC
Lesson 6
Subject: Results Handling & Template-based Postprocessing
Lesson 7
Subject: Optimizer Overview

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