Noise and vibration analysis is becoming increasingly important in virtually every industry. The need to reduce noise and vibration is increasing due to government environmental legislation, new lightweight materials and constructions, detectability, fatigue, consumer expectations and competitive pressures.

Regardless of the application, you need a way to characterize the complex sources acting on your systems (including complex unsteady flow sources). You also need a way to diagnose and rank the various transmission paths of noise through the system. And you need accurate models of the frequency dependent dissipation and isolation that arises from poroelastic noise control treatments and structural isolators. Check out the variety of Industry Applications that can be simulated with Wave6.

Wave6 provides unique Analysis Methods for efficiently and accurately simulating noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range. These methods are integrated into a single common engine and controlled by a single license. This enables you to combine methods in the same model and efficiently analyze noise and vibration problems in ways that are simply not possible in other software packages. By integrating Wave6 into your design process you can ensure noise and vibration performance is built into your product at the design stage, which reduces the risk of discovering expensive noise and vibration problems during the physical prototyping process.

Key Capabilities

  • Aero-acoustics of exterior flow noise from a rigid structure
  • Vibro-acoustics via airborne and structure-borne transmission paths
  • Aero-vibro-acoustics of interior wind noise due to fluctuating surface pressures
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) methods for analyzing vibro-acoustic response of components at mid and high frequencies and wave propagation through arbitrary cross-sections
  • Structural finite elements for analyzing vibration of components at low frequencies
  • Acoustic Boundary Elements for simulating acoustic wave propagation in bounded or unbounded acoustic spaces at low frequencies
  • Acoustic finite elements for describing the response of bounded acoustic spaces at low frequencies
  • Linear and quadratic acoustic elements account for variations in acoustic properties due to temperature and pressure variations computed using CFD
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Why Choose Wave6

  • Interactive user interface and modern software architecture
  • Disruptive next generation analysis methods
  • Fully cross platform (models and UI identical under Windows and Linux)
  • Unique licensing model:
    • All functionality available to all users
    • Solve models on unlimited hardware
  • Easy to use workflows for templating and automation of process
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User Types

CFD Users

Wave6 contains unique functionality for automatically pipelining and templating advanced noise and vibration analysis processes using high level workflows. This makes advanced noise and vibration analysis methods accessible, automated and easy to use for existing CFD users. You don’t need to be a noise and vibration specialist to predict noise and vibration performance. Wave6 also enables you to efficiently transfer geometry, meshes and results from your flow model to your noise and vibration model without requiring terabytes of data.

Vibro-Acoustic Analysis Users

Wave6 leverages modern software architecture and provides an integrated environment that improves the creation of vibro-acoustic models. With fully integrated geometry and meshing functionality, advanced volume extraction techniques and automated model updates from upstream geometry changes, you can spend your time solving vibro-acoustic problems instead of clicking on nodes or manually repairing CAD. Wave6 also provides groundbreaking new noise and vibration analysis methods that cover the entire audible frequency range.

FEA Users

Existing structural FEA models are useful for general problems in statics, dynamics and stress but generally FEA software does not provide the advanced noise and vibration analysis capabilities needed for vibro-acoustics simulation. Wave6 offers state-of-the-art methods for noise and vibration analysis across the entire audible frequency range. Whether you’re modeling complex poroelastic materials, random acoustic environments or acoustic radiation and transmission, Wave6 can extend your existing FEA capabilities.

Physical Test Users

Physical testing is an important part of noise and vibration troubleshooting. However, you only have a limited amount of time to test different product configurations and diagnose which sources and paths might be contributing. You need to make sure you’re spending your time testing the right things and not over testing with excessive levels. Wave6 is able to help diagnose your test data, rank sources and paths and provide confidence in source levels. Using Wave6 you can create simple models that quickly provide physical insights and help you test more efficiently.