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Kate Rütschlin What is your title and what are you responsible for at SIMULIA? I am one of several SIMULIA Industry Process Consultant Directors, with my focus being in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In this position, my team and I support North American sales engagements with technical expertise in CFD solutions for all industries, such […]

By Yangwook Choi The automotive industry faces dramatic changes with electric vehicles in terms of design, business paradigm, and shortening the product cycle.  A flawless process from product planning to product manufacturing can reduce the cost and time of the production. Upfront simulation supports the idea by providing the simulation technique as early as the concept […]

By Clare Scott When it comes to the transportation of the future, a few technologies stand out in particular: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOL). The latter is frequently designed to be electrically powered (eVTOL) and autonomous as well. A great deal of excitement and interest has gathered around urban […]

By Clare Scott For the past several years, serious discussion has been circulating about returning to the moon as well as, for the first time, setting foot on Mars. In regards to both of those goals, it’s a matter of not if, but when. Technology is advancing rapidly, and one technology in particular is likely […]

By Clare Scott Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a major step toward fully autonomous driving. ADAS use automated sensors and cameras to detect obstacles in the range of the vehicle, as well as errors made by the driver, and then correct for those errors or avoid the obstacles. These systems are designed to keep roadways […]

By Clare Scott Nature is many things—powerful, beautiful, destructive, and above all, intelligent. Plants and animals have developed some remarkable functions and adaptations. Beyond giving specific living organisms evolutionary advantages, some of these characteristics have inspired humans to build and create differently. Many researchers and inventors recognize the intelligence of nature and have taken ideas […]

By Clare Scott For the second year, SIMULIA is recognizing several of the passionate and talented individuals who work every day to share their expertise on simulation. We are proud to call these individuals our SIMULIA Champions, a designation that was first offered in 2020 and is continuing this year with a new class of experts and […]

By Clare Scott Over the past year, people everywhere have been forced to think about pathogen transport in a much more serious way than ever before. Any place other humans gather is a place where COVID-19 could potentially be transmitted, and safety measures must be considered before going to any public location. Masks have been […]

By Stephen Jorgenson-Murray The body is a potential trove of data, but to make use of it that data needs to first be captured and processed. The rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things has spurred wearable sensor technology in products like smartwatches, fitness trackers, vital signs monitors, and new medical products. 3M is a […]