22Nov 2023

5G interference mitigation is an important concern, both for the safety of aircraft and the economic viability of 5G deployment. In this blog post, see how a simulation of a worst-case interference scenario can be analyzed and reduced to acceptable levels using the electromagnetic simulation tools in SIMULIA CST Studio Suite. By Hassan Chreim In […]

19Nov 2023

Magnet design covers many disciplines of physics, and a unified model for magnet design would have many benefits in accelerating and streamlining the magnet development process. The workflow presented in this blog post allowed a quadrupole magnet to be designed with CATIA, simulated with SIMULIA CST Studio Suite and optimized with Process Composer. This workflow […]

07Nov 2023

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is reshaping industries worldwide. Virtual twins underpinned by modeling and simulation play a key role in this transformation journey By Pierre Leroux The physical and digital worlds are rapidly converging in every facet of our life. Fortnite fans are already enjoying immersive virtual experiences blending gaming, interactivity and music […]

30Oct 2023

In this first blog of the MODSIM series, Dale Berry, SIMULIA Offer Marketing Senior Director, takes a look back on how simulation has evolved over the years, from a specialized expertise to helping companies design better products without the need for physical prototypes. He also talks about the future of simulation and what’s coming next…! […]

19Oct 2023

In this blog post, we review the dedicated capabilities in CST Studio Suite® for the design and optimization of a typical capacitive sensor used in a modern smartwatch. Introduction From the touchscreen of our mobile phones, to controlling smart household appliances and purchasing a ticket from an automated ticketing machine in the metro station, we […]

10Aug 2023

Source synchronous architecture is used to enable multiple chiplets to be integrated into a single system-on-chip with low latency. To ensure low error rates, the clock strobe and data channels need to be precisely matched. 2D circuit simulation is not enough for analyzing timing – 3D simulation is necessary to accurately model data propagation through […]

14Mar 2023

5G FCC certification can be a long process, but simulation can accelerate certification by replacing time-consuming measurements. Every radio device sold in the United States needs FCC certification so that it can operate safely. It is required that it does not produce electromagnetic interference (EMI) that will disrupt other equipment, that it can tolerate interference […]

17May 2021

By Clare Scott When it comes to the transportation of the future, a few technologies stand out in particular: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOL). The latter is frequently designed to be electrically powered (eVTOL) and autonomous as well. A great deal of excitement and interest has gathered around urban […]

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