A look back at European Microwave Week 2017

CST Measurement Meets Simulation demonstration.

This year’s European Microwave Week, which ran from October 8-13 was a wonderful success for CST. We sponsored the wifi for the exhibition and our booth was busy as we welcomed attendees to learn more about CST Measurement Meets Simulation demonstration. CST STUDIO SUITE and electromagnetic imulation. One of the highlights was our ever popular CST Modeling Challenge. This year, we asked attendees to model and simulate a simple waveguide filter. We were impressed with the entrants’ work, and surprised by the interest – our computers were often all in use. Everyone who successfully completed the challenge received the classic Nuremberg delicacy: a Lebkuchen (gingerbread) heart and were entered into a raffle to win prizes
at our booth party.

We provided demonstrations in the CST lab on the finer details working with both EM simulation and measurement, providing a preview of the joint “Measurement Meet Simulation” workshops we run with Rohde & Scwarz throughout the year.

The CST booth also featured a demonstration with virtual reality glasses that gave people the chance to see EM fields in 3D and explore them digitally. With VR, people could see Wi-Fi  signals propagating through a bus and see
how signals can jump from one PCB trace to another causing crosstalk. We had a great deal of fun meeting old friends and new who came to try for themselves.

The lucky draw marked the end of our modeling challenge

On Wednesday afternoon, we held our booth party and the winners of the Modeling Challenge were announced and picked up their prizes from Samsung, Bang & Olufsen and Bose. The party featured local food and drinks and was well attended and we’re already looking forward to European Microwave Week 2018 in Madrid!

Martin Timm

Director, Global Marketing
CST-Computer Simulation Technology