15Jul 2020

Abaqus continues to develop cutting edge capabilities for large-scale linear dynamics, superelements, and matrix operations. These technologies are not only applicable to “linear” models and analyses, but their potential as powerful additions to more classic Abaqus workflows is often overlooked. Join our eSeminar to learn about some of the more recent advances in this area, […]

15Jul 2020

E-SEMINAR SERIES & VIRTUAL WORKSHOP Join us for this e-seminar series as we discuss the challenges and benefits of integrating multidisciplinary simulation to accelerate the development of electric vehicles For Registration and more information about all the e-seminar series : Press Here

22Jun 2020

XFlow offers particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann technology for high fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications as a part of SIMULIA’s Fluids Simulation portfolio.  The state-of-the-art technology of XFlow enables users to address complex CFD workflows involving high frequency transient simulations with real moving geometries, complex multiphase flows, free surface flows and fluid-structure interactions. You are invited to […]

15Jun 2020

Listen to learn how functional generative design, and in particular cognitive augmented design, are delivering optimal design concepts while respecting functional requirements and specifications. Watch Now   Discover how functional generative design is delivering optimal design concepts, while also reducing the amount of time for engineers to identify new shapes that can maximize their business […]

11Jun 2020

In this eSeminar, we will focus on the current status and recent enhancements of the linear dynamics functionality in Abaqus for various industry applications. Watch Now The eSeminar will include topics such as: Overview of Linear functionality in Abaqus Linear analysis using direct sparse solver Linear dynamic modal analysis Matrix and substructure modeling abstractions We […]

01Jun 2020

In this e-seminar, Dr. Georges LIMBERT will present some of his group’s latest research in skin biophysics and demonstrate how the use of SIMULIA technology accelerated his research. Watch Now Skin is the largest human organ and is the first line of defense against everything ranging from the cold and heat to germs, and offers […]

28May 2020

Watch general manager for Industrial Metrology at Renishaw, Dan Skulan, provide insight into how additive manufacturing technologies help drive the factory of the future. Watch Now Dan Skulan, general manager for Industrial Metrology at Renishaw, provides insight into how additive manufacturing technologies are helping to drive the factory of the future with a scalable enterprise […]

27May 2020

Additive manufacturing offers the ability to build lightweight components designed through topology optimization, incorporating lattice structures to provide conformal cooling. Watch Now Lattice structures are being used for internal support, reducing the amount of material or improving the strength-to-weight ratio. Medical implants, automotive and aerospace and defense components are a few major applications which have […]